Renee was born and raised in the Chicago area and still resides there with her husband Joe. Growing up, Renee and her family spent a lot of time traveling and enjoying the outdoors. Camping, hiking, and fishing were a typical family outing during the summertime for her. It wasn't until this year that Renee got the hunting fever. A Teal hunt in Louisiana and goose hunting in Nebraska is all it took to get her hooked. She recently became a member of the Preying Angels with her friends Shannon and Angie that promote women in the outdoors. Renee is also an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor and a member of the NRA. Since her and her husband Joe took over Smart Targets 4 years ago, she has put her 20 plus years in Advertising to use by marketing and Ad creations of their Knight Hawk Portable Target System as well as other products such as Skull Bound Scent products, Rite in The Rain weatherproof paper, and Gibbs Brand Lubricant and Cleaner to name a few.

Growing up, Joe was fortunate to have a family that was outdoors oriented. He was able to spend quite a few summers up in the Northwoods of Wisconsin at his uncle's resort. He learned how to fish at a very young age and also an appreciation of nature. He later learned how to hunt and always looked forward for hunting season to get here. His real passion is deer hunting, which he is hoping to be doing a lot more in the very near future. Joe took over the reins of Smart Targets 4 years ago and took their product, the Portable Pop-Up Target, did some redesign, gave it a new name and brought it to an internationally recognized product. He, along with his wife Renee, has also added quality products such as Gibbs Brand Cleaner and Lubricant and Skull Bound Scent products to the Smart Targets line. Joe is a Life Member of the NRA, member of ILEETA, NACFI certified firearms instructor, NSSF corporate member and has consulted on projects within the outdoor and firearms industry.

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I have a passion for anything that shoots; be it a bow, sling shot, air rifle, muzzle loader, shotguns, pistols, revolvers, AR15 rifles, Counter-sniper rifles, 50BMG's!; you name it, and I have probably pulled the trigger on one. I am also a precision reloader with over 25 years experience in handgun, shotgun, and precision rifle reloads. I have had extensive training in engaging long range targets out to 1,200 yards, and I managed to once hit a 12” x 12” AR500 steel plate at one mile! I have been a National Rifle Association Life Member since 1988, and I am a vocal proponent for our 2nd Amendment Rights. I am also a member of The NWTF. I was recently accepted as an associate member to the Professional Outdoors Media Association [POMA], “POMA is dedicated to seeing the traditional outdoor sports story is told honestly and fairly so hunting, fishing, the shooting sports and trapping will endure. Finally, I am very excited and blessed to be a Smart targets LLC Pro Staff Member. I will bring a unique outdoors experience to the many hunters who enjoy this passion we hold so dearly to our hearts. Many of my friends know this saying that I also preach religiously. We, as hunters, are all “birds of a feather”, and we must always stay together! Hunt ON! - Pro Staffer Nito Mortera

Helen Butt is originally from New Mexico and after a brief move to Tennessee, came back home to New Mexico. She lives for hunting, fishing, and spending as much time in the outdoors as she possibly can. Her dad was an avid hunter and outdoorsman and would always take her camping, hunting, and fishing trips. This is where her passion for the outdoors began. For Helen, there is just something about being able to harvest an animal and feed your family that is just amazing! The time spent hunting in the outdoors is just so truly rewarding and harvesting an animal is the icing on the cake! Helen and her husband have been married for 20 years and he also grew up in a hunting family. Together they are passing their love and passion for hunting and the outdoors along to both of their sons. But there is more to this for Helen. Last year, she became the NWTF Women in the Outdoors Coordinator for the state of New Mexico as well as her NWTF local Chapter President. Hunting is more to Helen than just harvesting the animal, it's also the education and preservation that goes along with it. Helen and her family are all members of the NWTF, NRA, and RMEF and very actively involved with their local Youth 4-H Shooting Sports. She also devotes a great deal of time to the Hunter Education Instruction for the New Mexico Game and Fish Department. For Helen, her main goal is to encourage and empower women and youth to get involved and educate them in preserving our hunting and fishing heritage as well as enjoying and appreciating life in the great outdoors! - Pro Staffer Helen Butt

Angie was born and raised at the foot of the Nebraska Sandhills and still resides there with her husband Adam. Together, they are full time farmers and ranchers and own and operate their tack and trailer sales business. Angie grew up in a family that taught her the values of the outdoors and that if you wanted something enough, you had to work for it. Being in the outdoors is a way of life for her and opportunities to hunt are sometimes part of her daily routine. Although hunting and fishing are plentiful, her true passion is bow hunting. Each year she sets goals for herself and is determined to meet those goals. She says if it’s too easy, you tend to get lazy. For Angie, bow hunting is more about the hunt than the kill itself. Angie regularly mentors children as well as adults about the splendor of the outdoors and her experiences of hunting and fishing which she eagerly shares anytime she has the opportunity. In addition to being on the Smart Targets Pro Staff, she is a member of the Hobie Fishing Team as well as Pro Staff for Prois Hunting, Deaux Girls, and Carlson Championship Calls. Angie embraces the life she has been blessed with and hopes that by sharing her experiences and love of the outdoors she can inspire others to try something new and see what the great outdoors truly has to offer. We are honored to have Angie as part of the Smart Targets family. - Pro Staffer Angie Kokes