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The All-In-One

Paul Gibbs, a prototype engineer, worked with a variety of chemicals and gained years of knowledge during his years in the plating industry. Later in his career, in 1969, he developed a multi-surface conditioner that would revolutionize the chemical industry: A penetrant designed to be used in the marine, automotive, industrial, motorcycle and many more industries.

Because the product he perfected contained some of the chemicals that the competitive markets utilized, Paul was able to get the product patented here in the US. After intense testing, the GIBBS penetrant was the first of its kind. Its unique formula replaces several products as a Cleaner, Penetrant, Rust & Corrosion inhibitor, Water-proofer and Lubricant.

Over the past 44 years GIBBS has been used by NASA, Rockwell, UPS, Ford Motor Co, Chrysler Motors, Phone & Cable Co's and too many others to list around the world.

In the 1970's GIBBS was put to use internationally by JACQUES COUSTEAU and his underwater expedition documentary television series. This unique product was used to Clean & preserve the treasures exhumed from the bottom of the sea.
In the 80's GIBBS was marketed mainly in the & machinery industry.

Farmers, ranchers and all types of restorers found GIBBS to be an asset in maintaining & restoring old farm equipment & other antiques without reducing the value, in fact it increased the value. Also it saved replacing some of the equipment that they used by removing rusted & damaged parts with GIBBS penetrating action saved them thousands of dollars.

The product then traveled into the auto industries and today mechanics by the thousands have replaced the Lubricants, Penetrant & Cleaners they are using GIBBS. One of our big GIBBS users is custom car & Hot Rod builders.

In the 90's GIBBS popularity affected yet another industry, as the weapons industry became one of the larger market. This is due in part to every time we have to fine-tune the product to meet the EPA standards, we find a new use. Some of the new users are: FBI, DEA, Chicago PD, Military, Detroit PD and too many more to list. GIBBS has become the ultimate Cleaning, Lubricant & Protecting all types of guns, including glass-filled polymers and composites. Because of its thin viscosity & rust-inhibiting capability, GIBBS eliminates jamming and keeps moving parts friction free, it does NOT jell in cold weather or shellac from heat. Sports & fishing enthusiasts are now using GIBBS. (i.e.) Rod Cleaning.

The Original All-In-One
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